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Will Driving To A Cheaper Gas Station Save You Money Calculator
Will Driving To A Cheaper Gas Station Save You Money Formula: Determine which is higher:
Cost = (Distance/MPG) * New gas price
Savings = Gallons needed * Price difference

Will Driving To A Cheaper Gas Station Save You Money Definition
As gas prices continue to rise, people are starting to get more careful about their gas use. In order to cut down their monthly gas bill, drivers have started keeping track of where the cheap gas is in relationship to their homes and places of business. Even a few cents off of gas can make quite a difference over a period of time.
But what happens when the cheap gas spot is far from your usual route? Do you travel further and burn more gas to get to the cheap stuff? Or do you conserve gas by staying within your route and pay more for gas for the privilege?
The answer to that question is, “it depends on several factors”. To determine whether to drive to a cheaper gas station, you have to calculate”
  • the distance to the other station
  • the price difference between the cheaper and more expensive gas stations
  • the amount of gas that your car will burn to get between gas stations
  • the amount of gas that you intend to buy

Those calculations are tough to make on your own. To help you make the decision, use the Will Driving To A Cheaper Gas Station Save You Money Calculator.

Distance to the Gas Station
There are two ways to accurately calculate the distance between one gas station and the next. The analog way is to set your car’s odometer to 0 once you’re at the first gas station. Then drive from the first gas station to the next. Finally, record the distance in miles and enter it into the “distance to the gas station” space.
The digital way is to log on to Google Maps or some other web-based map. Mark one gas station as your departure point. Mark the other gas station as your arrival point. Then ask the map to give you the driving directions. Somewhere near the list of directions — usually just above it — the distance between gas stations will be listed in miles. Enter that number into the “distance to the gas station” space.

Your Vehicle’s Gas Mileage
If you’ve been watching your gas consumption closely, you probably know the gas mileage that your car gets. If you haven’t been, gas mileage is easy to discover. If your car was produced within the last 10 years, finding the gas mileage may be as easy as entering the make and model online along with “gas mileage”. For older cars, gas mileage is often listed in the car’s owner’s manual.
Most car manuals or car websites list two types of gas mileage. The first is residential street gas mileage. The second is highway gas mileage. When calculating the gas that your car will burn between gas stations, use residential street gas mileage unless you have to drive on the highway, then use highway miles.

Price per Gallon at Current Station and Price Per Gallon at Other Station
These sections are relatively straightforward. Simply enter in the two prices in dollars and cents exactly how they appear on the gas station’s sign.

Number of Gallons
Some gas trips are worth more than others. This gas calculator helps you determine whether your trip is worth it. Calculate exactly how many gallons of gas you will have to buy.
First, find out how much gasoline your gas tank will hold. The best place to find that information is in your car’s owner’s manual. Now determine how many gallons you will need.
If you have an empty tank and you need to fill up, enter the number of gallons your tank will hold into the “number of gallons” field. If you only need part of a tank, multiply your tank’s maximum capacity by the part of a tank you need filled. For example, if your tank holds 20 gallons of gas but you only need half of a tank, enter 10 gallons into the space.
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How to Calculate Will Driving To A Cheaper Gas Station Save You Money
Let's be honest - sometimes the best will driving to a cheaper gas station save you money calculator is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the will driving to a cheaper gas station save you money formula is in the first place! But if you want to know the exact formula for calculating will driving to a cheaper gas station save you money then please check out the "Formula" box above.