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Stride Length Calculator
Stride Length Formula: Distance Traveled/Number of Steps Taken x 12

Stride Length Definition
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Calculate Stride Length
Calculators help you find a solution to a problem. The results help do away with the defects and deficiency that stop you from performing to your maximum capacity and potential. The Stride Length Calculator is one such device that helps estimate the length of your stride by taking the distance traveled in feet / number of steps taken * 12.
The required data to find out one’s correct stride length:
  • The distance
  • The unit of measurements being used i.e. mm, cm, dm, or inches
  • The number of strides.
Know the Distance
This calculation is done based on the number of strides and the distance of an average stride. The average length of each individual’s stride is bound to vary. When a person begins his walk, the strides are sure to be different from when he is tired after walking for a while. The average length has to be taken with the variations. Decimal values of the stride in inches or any other measurement can be entered.
A few points to keep in mind when calculating your stride length:
  • The recommended distance from the starting and finishing point should be 30ft. or it can also be a familiar distance whose distance is known. It can be a familiar place near one’s home or any other place.
  • The number of steps taken at a normal pace has to be noted along with the distance.
  • If a person is interested in knowing his or her stride length while running or jogging, the above procedure must also be followed to calculate it.
  • The stride length calculator will compute the stride length based on how many walking/running steps are covered over a certain distance.
Stride Lengths for Running and Jogging
The above details will have to be entered to find out the stride length for either running or jogging.
There are separate Stride Length Calculators for men and women; both types calculate the stride length and distance for walking, jogging and running.
Difference in Stride Length, exhaustion after having walked or ran a long distance, Sickness, Old age and Gender are a few of the reasons for the differences in the length of strides. The stride lengths in the middle or end of a walk, run or jog will be marginally less when compared to the ones made by the person when he or she first began.
This is devised based on the same principle followed by a pedometer. The distance travelled is calculated with the help of the average stride of the person and the number of strides. The result can be given in miles as well as kilometers.
Athletes, sportspersons and many other people who want to keep fit benefit by knowing their stride length, as it helps them figure out how many steps make up a mile or a kilometer. This Stride Length Calculator not only helps you figure out your stride length, it also allows you to figure out exactly how many calories you burn when its calculations are combined with your body type and weight.

Online Calculations
Online calculators can help you find out your stride distance. So try this health calculator today and find your stride length!

How to Calculate Stride Length
Let's be honest - sometimes the best stride length calculator is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the stride length formula is in the first place! But if you want to know the exact formula for calculating stride length then please check out the "Formula" box above.