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Quarter Mile Calculator
1/4 Mile Formula: ET = constant*(weight/hp)^1/3

1/4 Mile Definition
Do you drive a lot? Are you curious about how effective your car is at getting from Point A to Point B? Do you test cars for fun or for a living? If you are interested in knowing the quarter-mile elapsed time of your car, then you will appreciate the ease and accuracy of Calculator Pro’s 1/4 Mile Calculator.
This free, online calculator uses a few simple statistics about your car and computes the quarter-mile elapsed time of your car based upon your car’s weight and wheel horsepower. Instead of calculating this handy stat on your own using the formula “ET = constant*(weight/hp)^1/3,” Calculator Pro takes the complications out of computing. Here is how you can get started on finding out the quarter-mile elapsed time of your car:

Gathering Your Stats
Calculator Pro’s 1/4 Mile Calculator requires a few sets of data in order to compute your car’s quarter-mile elapsed time. You will need the following statistics to get started:
1. Constant
2. Total Weight of Car (with the driver included)
3. Horsepower
You will see a drop-down box at the top of the calculator that has constants already entered. Simply select a constant, such as “5.825″ and then input the other statistics. Here is an example:
1. Constant: 5.825
2. Total Weight of Car (with the driver included): 500
3. 84
Click the “Calculate” button, and the 1/4 Mile Calculator will return this information: 10.515 seconds.
Therefore, your quarter-mile elapsed time for a 500-pound car with 85 horsepower and a constant of 5.825 is 10.5 seconds.

Example #2
Here is another example. Let us say that you are driving at a constant of 7.3751, have a 1,000-pound car, and have 94 hp. Click “Calculate.” Your quarter-mile elapsed time increases to 16.181 seconds.
Experiment with different statistics to see how different cars of higher and lower horsepowers operate at different constants. If you do not know the exact data, you can estimate. However, keep in mind that your final results will be estimates only. You can get more accurate results by doing a little research ahead of time. Read online reviews and trade magazines to get information on the exact horsepower of a range of cars. Once you have a uniform horsepower, you can test that car at different constants on the road and then compare them with cars that have similar or the same horsepower.

Ease of Use
Use Calculator Pro’s 1/4 Mile Calculator in any location where you can get an Internet connection. That means you can use this handy, free, online calculator in your car! However, remember that you should never operate a phone or electronic device while you are driving. Ask your passenger to pull up Calculator Pro’s 1/4 Mile Calculator and to input the information while you are driving.

Embedding the Calculator
Calculator Pro offers for free a widget for car professionals and those who test-drive cars. You can copy and paste the HTML coding for the 1/4 Mile Calculator from our site and directly onto your blog or website. When you do this, the widget appears as a handsome calculator that your readers can use to compute elapsed time as well! You can choose the background color and the style of the widget to match the design aesthetic of your blog.

How to Calculate 1/4 Mile
Let's be honest - sometimes the best 1/4 mile calculator is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the 1/4 mile formula is in the first place! But if you want to know the exact formula for calculating 1/4 mile then please check out the "Formula" box above.