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Ponderal Index Calculator
Ponderal Index Formula: Height / (cube root of "Weight")

Ponderal Index Definition
Use our free online Ponderal Index Calculator when you want to quickly make a calculation! The Ponderal Index is a way to measure how obese a person is. It is similar to the body mass index, using a person’s height and mass to calculate whether a person is lean or overweight.
As Americans become increasingly overweight, it is important for people to evaluate their health. Learning about your Ponderal Index can be the first step toward setting up a diet and exercise program and eventually developing a leaner body.
Health professionals often use the Ponderal Index to evaluate newborn babies. The results of a Ponderal Index calculation are useful for predicting whether babies will become obese when they grow up. Parents of children with a higher Ponderal Index may want to encourage them to exercise and eat well to help them avoid becoming overweight.

The Ponderal Index Calculator requires two important pieces of information:
  1. Type in the weight in pounds in the first text box. It’s best to weigh yourself, rather than relying on your memory of the last time you stepped on a scale.
  2. Type in the height in inches in the second text box. Remember to measure your height while you are barefoot to get accurate results.

Click the “Calculate!” button to instantly get the results of the Ponderal Index calculation. For example, if you type in a weight of 150 pounds and a height of 60 inches, you will get a Ponderal Index of 11.29.

Reasons to use the Ponderal Index include:
  • You are interested in getting yourself in shape, and you want to see how lean or obese you are before you start an exercise program or begin a new diet.
  • You are the parent of an infant and you want to get more information about the health of your child.
  • You are thinking of becoming a healthcare professional, such as a nurse, doctor or nutritional counselor. Or, you may be considering a career as a trainer at the gym for people who want to lose weight. Knowing how to use the Ponderal Index will help you evaluate the people you are instructing.
Benefits of our Ponderal Index Calculator:
  • You do not need to look for a calculator or figure out what information you need to enter to perform a Ponderal Index calculation. Our online calculator takes care of the work for you!
  • You can offer the Ponderal Index Calculator to your family and friends by adding our widget to your website. We provide this as a free service to you, so you can encourage visitors of your website to do their own calculations as they seek to improve their health.