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Percent Off Calculator
Percent Off Formula: Sales Price = Original Value x (1-(Percent Off/100))
Savings = Original Value x (Percent Off/100)

Percent Off Definition
Use our free online Percent Off Calculator to make it easy to calculate your savings when shopping sales! This calculator takes the original price of an item and the percent off of a sale, and it calculates how much the item will cost and how much you will save. Wondering just how much you’ll save at this weekend’s 35% off sale at the department store? Want to see if you’ll be able to afford a new appliance if it goes on a 20% off sale? This calculator makes it quick and easy to find out!

How to Calculate Sales Price
To use the calculator, just enter two pieces of information:
  • Original value
  • Percent off

The first is simply the original value of the item for sale, and the second is the percent off that the sale gives you. Enter these two values in the calculator, and then hit the “Calculate” button.
After a quick calculation, the calculator will show you two results:
  • Sale Price
  • Savings

This way you can quickly see how much the item will cost you at the sale price, and also see how much money you’re saving. If you’d like, you can even print the result and compare it to your receipt to make sure the cashier applied the correct discount.
This calculator also makes it a lot easier to compare sales. If one item is $20 off, and the other is 30% off, how do you know which one is the better deal? Easy! You simply plug the 30% off item into the Percent Off Calculator, and you’ll be able to compare the two sales directly.

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