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ERA Calculator
Earned Runs Average (ERA) Formula: ERA = (Earned Runs/Innings Pitched) x 9

Earned Runs Average (ERA) Definition
More than any other sport baseball is a game of statistics and one of the more important statistics, a pitcher’s earned run average, is used to measure the overall effectiveness of a team’s pitchers. In order to allow baseball fans the opportunity of keeping track of how their favorite pitchers are doing we are making a free online ERA calculator available. Through the use of this calculator, fans can keep daily and accurate track and, thereby, enhance their enjoyment of the sport.
Information Needed
The use of the calculator could not be easier. All that is needed is the following information:
  1. The number of earned runs surrendered by the individual pitcher.
  2. The number of innings pitches by the same pitcher.

Once such information is accumulated the calculator does the rest of the work for you. It is just that simple.
How Calculator Works
Here is how it is done. For example, your pitcher has surrendered 35 runs while pitching a total of 125 innings. In order to determine your pitcher’s ERA all that you must do is insert 35 into the box identified as “Earned Runs Scored” and insert 125 into the box identified as “Innings Pitched.” Once this information is placed into the appropriate box the calculator does the rest of the work. The entire process takes a matter of seconds.
Need For Accuracy
The most important thing to remember in calculating a pitcher’s ERA is to accurately insert the number of earned runs and the number of innings pitched. Earned runs are a remarkably different number than the number of total runs allowed. Runs surrendered by means of errors are not included nor are runs surrendered by way of error after two outs have been recorded in any given inning. The theory behind this limitation is that a pitcher’s ERA should not be affected by matters beyond his control.
Ease of Use
The beauty of this online calculator is its ease of use. As long as the information inputted is accurate, the resulting ERA is guaranteed to accurate. In summary, only two figures: 1) number of earned runs surrendered; 2) number of innings pitched, are required. Once these figures are inserted in the calculator, an accurate ERA is insured.
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How to Calculate Earned Runs Average (ERA)
Let's be honest - sometimes the best earned runs average (era) calculator is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the earned runs average (era) formula is in the first place! But if you want to know the exact formula for calculating earned runs average (era) then please check out the "Formula" box above.