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Decimal to Fraction Calculator

Decimal to Fraction Definition
Utilize our decimal to fraction calculator to take care of your decimal to fraction conversion needs! This conversion is probably one of the most important things that students will learn as early as in elementary school but use it even in the college! While most people can see that one-half is same as 0.5 and one-fourth is equal to 0.25, trying to figure how 0.375 is equivalent as 3/8 is not easy.
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Our decimal to fraction calculator is much simpler than any other converter that you may have seen before. Its user-friendliness will make it accessible to young students as well as older people.
  1. Pick the decimal that you want to convert to fractions. You do not need to put “zero” before the decimal point, and the result is same whether you put the zero or not.
  2. When you are ready, click “calculate” button to see the fraction.

This calculator works for longer decimals as well, so its usage is endless for educational usages. In addition, here are two tips to consider for educators in using this calculator:
* Be sure to teach students about simplification to have them understand why 0.56 looks different than 0.567.
* This tool can be used for in-classroom and homework assignments, but make sure that students use this tool effectively and not in lieu of actual mathematical work.