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Commute Cost Calculator

Commute Cost Definition
Using our commute cost calculator couldn’t be easier. Commuting is expensive, and the costs of gas, maintaining a vehicle and the wear and tear from the mileage accumulated are not often factors people build into their budgets. This calculator takes into consideration factors like round trip mileage, your car’s specifications and the days per month you spend driving to and from work to provide an accurate estimate for the cost of your commute.
Because all lifestyles are different, the calculator takes into account five major factors that may affect the cost of your drive to and from work each day.

Number of Commute Days per Month
The number of days you work in a month allows the calculator to accurately calculate the mileage you drive. A normal full-time employee works approximately 21 days a month. If you work an hourly job with an inconsistent schedule, take the average of your last several weeks of work to get an estimate.

Number of Round-Trip Miles
This value is the number of miles you travel to and from work each day. Multiplied by the number of days you commute, your daily mileage can easily be calculated into a monthly total mileage estimate. If you are not sure of your mileage, there is a link to a mileage calculator for your convenience.

Vehicle Average Miles per Gallon
To calculate an accurate estimate of the gas costs you accrue over a month’s time, the calculator needs to know the average MPG of your vehicle. If you are not sure, there is a link to an average vehicle economy calculator for your convenience.

Cost of Gasoline per Gallon
The price of gas fluctuates regularly and prices vary across the country. Add the cost per gallon in your area or an average of monthly costs if you would like a better estimate that factors in how prices change over time.

Average Monthly Parking Costs
If you pay hourly for parking or for a monthly parking pass, add this additional information into the calculator for a more accurate estimate.
Once you enter in all of your information, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the calculator. The calculator will then generate daily, monthly and yearly transportation costs to give you an idea of how much your commute costs. In addition, the calculator also gives you a breakdown of how these costs may vary if you drive alone, in a carpool with one other person, or in a vanpool with seven other people.
If you are saving or budgeting, this information can allow you to plan ahead for the next month or the next year. If you are considering the costs of switching jobs, you can also use the calculator to see how the commute costs for your current job may compare to the commute costs at a new place of employment. If your commute costs seem high, you may want to consider alternative ways to commute to work, such as carpooling or public transportation.