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Calories Burned Walking Calculator
Calories Burned Walking Formula: Total Calories Burned = Duration (in minutes) x (MET x 3.5 x weight in kg) / 200
MET = [(0.175*Speed)+(0.9*Speed*%Grade)+3.5]

Where speed is in meters per minute

Calories Burned Walking Definition
Walking is an efficient and beneficial form of exercise, but just carrying around a pedometer as you take turns around the block can leave you wondering how much impact your exercise routine is really having. Before, you were limited to a treadmill at a stuffy gym if you wanted insight into how many calories you have burned while walking at a certain pace. This is not the case anymore thanks to the Calories Burned Walking Calculator.

The Calories Burned by Walking Calculator Requires the Following Information:
  1. Amount of time spent walking
  2. Distance traveled
  3. The grade or incline at which you walked
  4. Your body weight

How the Calculator Works
The calculator works by calculating the pace and incline at which you have walked in conjunction with your own weight and the amount of time you spent working out. With these factors the calculator can determine approximately how many calories you have burned over the course of your workout.
When inputting your information, be precise. Exaggerating the pace at which you walked or indicating a higher incline than what was true will provide you with a higher estimate of calories burned, but you did not actually burn those calories. If you are walking around your neighborhood, check an online map for precise distance and grade information.

When Calculating Your Own Weight Loss Progress, Keep the Following Factors in Mind:
1. Calories burnt are proportionate, so the amount of calories that your body expends will differ based on your starting weight and body fat percentage. Always be as accurate as possible when inputting your personal weight information.
2. All four input criteria must be filled for a calories burned estimate. The calculator will not work properly if any of the required information is missing.
3. The Calories Burned by Walking calculator is intended to approximate energy expended during walking only. If you insert the amount of distance, time and incline achieved while running or cycling you will not receive an accurate calorie approximation. For those types of activities it is best to consult calorie calculators specialized for those purposes. Check out the running and cycling calculators now!
The calculator uses a precise mathematical formula that incorporates the rate at which you are moving and the impact that your movement has on your body. The larger your body, the more energy will be required in order to complete an activity.

Walking to Lose Weight
Walking is a form of low impact cardiovascular activity that can help you to lose weight with minimal risk for injury. Walking is a safe form of exercise for most individuals, but before starting any exercise program you should speak with your physician to ensure that you are ready for increased activity.
Unlike other forms of exercise that require specialty equipment or gym membership fees, walking can be done in any environment at any pace. Those who have trouble with increased activity often benefit from walking at a slow pace to get started with their weight loss goals.
As you start your walking exercise routine, using the Calories Burned by Walking Calculator can help you to keep your motivation level high. You can have more control and understanding over your workout progress by understanding how many calories you have expended, and use that information to reduce the amount of calories that you are eating every day.
When used to keep track of your increased exercise level to moderate your calorie consumption, the Calories Burned by Walking Calculator can help you to maintain control over your weight loss efforts. Use the calculator and let your friends know how many calories you have burnt today.

How to Calculate Calories Burned Walking
Let's be honest - sometimes the best calories burned walking calculator is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the calories burned walking formula is in the first place! But if you want to know the exact formula for calculating calories burned walking then please check out the "Formula" box above.