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APY Calculator
APY Formula: Interest = (Principal)([(APY+1)^Months/12] -1)

APY Definition
Are you curious about your annual percentage yield, also known as your APY? Would you like an easy and effective way to calculate your annual percentage yield? You can get fast, accurate results that you can use immediately by using Calculator Pro’s free, online Annual Percentage Yield Calculator!
You can access Calculator Pro’s Annual Percentage Yield Calculator via any web-based computer system. Wherever and whenever you are able to connect to the world wide web, you can access our smart, free APY calculator.
We take the complications out of mathematical computations. You see, if you were to calculate the annual percentage yield of your money by hand, you would need to use this complicated formula:

Interest = (Principal)([(APY+1)^Months/12] -1)

But Calculator Pro’s Annual Percentage Yield Calculator can give you results, possibly with better accuracy, in just seconds. Here is how you can calculate your annual percentage yield quickly and efficiently online!

What is an Annual Percentage Yield?
The Annual Percentage Yield is similar to the Annual Percentage Rate. It standardizes interest-rate agreements that vary and compiles them into an annual percentage number.
An example is as follows:

Let us say that you are trying to decide whether to invest in a bond that is to last for one year and offers a zero coupon that pays about 6 percent once the bond matures or a money market account that pays a paltry 0.5% per month but offers a compounded rate each month.

Because an annual percentage yield compounds the varying agreements,the money market account is going to yield a higher percentage. That may seem unbelievable, but this is where Calculator Pro’s Annual Percentage Yield Calculator can help you out. It can tell calculate which option will be best for your money based on the statistics you provide. So let’s get started:

Entering the Data
First, gather the data that you need to input into the calculator. Calculator Pro’s Annual Percentage Yield Calculator has several form fields that you will need to fill out as follows:
  1. APY
  2. Principal
  3. Number of Months

Input these numbers into the form fields, and then click on the blue Calculate! button. Calculator Pro’s Annual Percentage Yield Calculator will yield instant results.

Easy to Use
You can use Calculator Pro’s Annual Percentage Yield Calculator on your Internet-ready phone for quick results. You also can embed our code for the APY calculator into your blog or website so that your online audience can use it too. This is an excellent idea for anyone involved in the banking industry who wants to help their clients become educated money investors.
By comparing different rates, you can see clearly if your money will be used better by investing in a bond, stock, money market account, or other type of investment. Don’t invest your money blindly or trust one person to do all the investing for you. By becoming a more educated investor, you can save money and maximize the stretch of your money over the long haul.
Try Calculator Pro’s Annual Percentage Yield Calculator today and get results instantly! Simply gather your data, input it into our clearly-marked fields, click Calculate, and compare the rates of your investment options. You’ll have peace of mind and confidence as you compare and contrast your options.
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How to Calculate APY
Let's be honest - sometimes the best apy calculator is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the apy formula is in the first place! But if you want to know the exact formula for calculating apy then please check out the "Formula" box above.